Alexis Martin NeelyThis Really ucks Me Up Every Time

I sure am glad I overcame my fear and came fully out of the closet about all of what’s really happening in my life. The thing holding me back from it the most has been my fear that the lawyers I serve will read about my bankruptcy, freak out and stop trusting me to deliver great things for them.

Ah, fears. How they hold us back from making the impact in the world we could be making if we just showed up fully as we are! To remind me of that, today, I got this note from one of my lawyer members:
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CEO BlogBeing the Peace I Wish To See in the World

Tweet “Be the Change You Wish To See in the World.”  ~ Gandhi Lately, I have been letting world news get me down a bit. I’ve been finding the turmoil and unrest to be upsetting. I believe in focusing on what you WANT and not what you don’t what. So, I don’t want to see tanks rolling down the streets of modern cities as a threat to the occupants. What do I want to see?  Peace, love, and harmony. OK.  … Continue reading

CEO BlogWhy I entered a Contest without a Goal of Winning

Tweet I recently entered a contest – two, actually – for the sole purpose of forcing myself to up my game.   I auditioned for America’s Got Talent and for The Voice.   In each case, I had 60-90 seconds to “show my stuff,” to express who I was and what I am capable of doing as a singer.   Think about that.  90 seconds.   I had to BRING IT in ways I never had before.   I knew … Continue reading