Alexis Martin NeelyThis Really ucks Me Up Every Time

I sure am glad I overcame my fear and came fully out of the closet about all of what’s really happening in my life. The thing holding me back from it the most has been my fear that the lawyers I serve will read about my bankruptcy, freak out and stop trusting me to deliver great things for them.

Ah, fears. How they hold us back from making the impact in the world we could be making if we just showed up fully as we are! To remind me of that, today, I got this note from one of my lawyer members:
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CEO BlogMusic and Money: Success

Tweet We know what music and money are. What is success? To me, success is living a joyful life on your own terms, to coin a new term: to be self-sovereign.  (I just love that word — it came out of the Money Map course I am taking.) I have written a lot about success.  In fact, it is the real subject of my book Be True Rich.  In the book I define a True Rich life as one in … Continue reading

CEO BlogMusic and Money: Does It Make Me a Bad Musician If I Factor Money into My Actions?

Tweet Music and Money. Sigh. I am taking a free class hosted by my pal Alexis Neely called Money Map that has me thinking about (surprise!!) money. So, I posted a question on a local music page that I host.  (You can see post and responses here.) A question for my musician friends — especially those of you who are making a living at music (and those trying to): How do you factor money into your career decisions? I am … Continue reading