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You Are Attracted to What Will Help You Achieve Your Desires
What is your favorite flower?
Have you ever stopped to think WHY you are attracted to that particular flower?
You are attracted to that flower because it can help you achieve your desires — ALL of them.
I combine Flowers with the Law of Attraction.  I’ve been doing it for years, and it is quite natural, really.  You probably already do it, too!
Think about how you use flowers:
  • to send a message of  ”I share your joy”
  • to send a message of  “I hope you feel more joy”
And, don’t you feel wonderful when YOU receive flowers??  (If no one has ever sent you flowers, try sending some to yourself — VERY powerful exercise in self-love).
I’m hosting a call this week in which I go into great detail about how flowers work with the Law of Attraction.
It is not an official iaLOAp call, but it is something I thought you would be interested in knowing about.
I promise you’ll be SHOCKED and AMAZED!!
To learn more and to join the fun, click here.
And, while you are here, why don’t you share something about how flowers impact YOUR life…  THANKS!

Katherine C. H. E.
CEO and Founder
— international association of Law of Attraction professionals

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