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CEO BlogTen Days of Thanksgiving Day Nine: Abundance

Ten Days of Thanksgiving

Day Nine: Abundance

The story about Thanksgiving is that it began as a spontaneous celebration of the abundant bounty of the harvest.

A celebration of abundance!

VERY powerful place to attract more abundance.

And, abundance is largely a mindset choice.

(The other choice is: lack.)

I am thankful for all the abundance in my life:

√ Abundance of Love
√ Abundance of Fun
√ Abundance of time
√ Abundance of dancing
√ Abundance of music
√ Abundance of good times
√ Abundance of delicious food to eat
√ Abundance of sunshine streaming through my window
√ Abundance of money
√ Abundance of wood in my woodpile
√ Abundance of fires in my fireplace
√ Abundance of options
√ Abundance of opportunities
√ Abundance of beauty


I could go on and on and on… It is so fun to think about all the abundances in my life.

What are some good abundances I’ve missed?

What are some abundances you are particularly thankful for right now?

Law of Attraction Tip: Choose Abundance! Choose to view things from a perspective of Abundance rather than lack.



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